To understand a camera, you have to use one... in trying to understand a variety of cameras both film and digital, I have amassed quite an odd collection of cameras which have begun to clutter my small NYC apartment. It's time to let others learn more about their own creative process through the lens of these fantastic cameras. Prices are listed but offers are welcome. Please email me at bstansfield@gmail.com for offers/inquiries. Thanks!

For Sale:

Widelux F6 Panoramic 35mm - 1971 less than 3000 F6's ever made. I got this Widelux CLA'd at Precision Camera in Chicago 2 months ago, 3 rolls run through it since and they came out great. Actor/Renaissance-man, Jeff Bridges, (Big Lebowski is my personal favorite) is an avid photographer and aficionado of the Widelux. He even has his own photo book called "Pictures by Jeff Bridges" comprised of his own widelux photography on many different movie sets throughout his career. Fantastic book, link below.

$1000 obo plus shipping (NYC local pick up)