This is an excellent digital rangefinder camera! In honesty, I want to keep it, but I don't use it as much as I use the XE-2 with my Canon FD lenses and FD/FX Metabones Speed booster. So, it's on the ol' chopping block... 

First off, the form factor is great. It's small, light, you can carry it in your jacket pocket/bag and forget about it all together. The battery life is pretty good, I am selling with 3 batteries, each one lasts about a day or 200+ photos. The image quality is superb. Fuji is really killing it with their 16.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II Sensor which has taken over their new fleet of mirrorless digital offerings. The 23mm f2 fixed lens (35mm EQ on 35mm) is a leaf shutter lens for all you strobists out there who want a super fast sync speed. It's sharp, but gets pretty soft at f2. The Fuji's are loaded with in camera features like a variety of film stocks that you can apply to your Jpegs or RAW files in camera, it also has some wacky features like panoramic and many different in camera color/specialty effect filters. A great feature of this camera is built in ND which gives you about 3 stops of latitude during bright sunny days, no need for a screw on filter which is nice. The live viewfinder is great and the rangefinder is pretty incredible offering both optical and EVF capabilities, so you really get the best of both worlds. I will say with the lens hood on you won't have a 100% field of view with the optical finder, but hey, nothings perfect.  The X100S has the DNA of a retro film camera with shutter speed, EV, and manual control over aperture on the lens mount. Of course there's a full auto mode in a variety of flavors, and you can trust the meter as it's usually spot on. Coupled with the retro look and feel, Fuji is changing the game with their new line up of compact digital cameras and this camera is a quantum leap forward for the mirrorless digital rangefinder format.

$1000.00 obo

Comes with 3 batteries, charger, 64gb SD, thumbgrip and vello lens hood.