The Canonet QL17 GIII is a 3rd Gen Canon 35mm Rangefinder with a 40mm f/1.7 leaf shutter, fixed-focal-length camera built around 1972. It features fully shutter-priority automatic exposure and fully manual shooting modes. The Canonet can use standard flashes, or the Canonlite D which was custom-designed for the Canonet. 

I've only run a single roll through this camera, and it came out just dandy. This will be the 3rd Rangefinder camera I will be selling this month (x100s & fuji 6x7 texas leica *sold). Truth be told, I can't seem to nail focus as fast with a rangefinder as I can with an SLR, so I've decided it's time to let these cameras go to the rangefinder shooters out there... 

$250 obo

Comes with a roll of Porta 160 and Tri-X 400